Ghana has recorded 53 cases of Coronavirus infection and there figure is expected to increase as close to 1000 people are in quarantine awaiting test results.

Asamoah Gyan has joined other football celebrities who have raised awareness on how to combat the deadly virus.

“Let us talk about what is happening in the world now. Coronavirus, it is becoming serious let us take precaution, stay at home, use hand sanitizers. Let us do everything to protect ourselves,” he posted on his Twitter handle.

“As an icon people look up to me. This is the time I urge all celebrities, all those who are fortunate, all those who want to give back to society. Let us give back to society. This is the time people need us. Let us do this to help the government because the government can’t do this alone. This is our life. We have to protect each and every one.

“As we stay at home, I urge everyone, let us stick to our tradition, which is the nim tree. Let us put it in a bowl and as everyone knows let us put it on fire, after you take it off, cover yourself with a blanket or something. Everybody knows what I am talking about. Very very important, I am also doing it. I will show you a video afterwards so that everybody will know what I am talking about.

“Fear and panic can also cause damage. We are strong, let us stay strong. I am sure we are going to succeed. I love you Ghana”.

Source: Pulse Ghana